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Your Bridge
to the US

At Emeredge, we believe that any group or startup that aspires to grow and prosper in the United States should benefit from personalized support.


The combination of our dual culture and our cross-border expertise makes us the preferred partner of French and other European companies wishing to expand in the United States.

Our knowledge and experience are at the core of our business approach, providing guidance to help you understand the US market, its opportunities and its constraints.

Emeredge is already considered a trusted partner by several European and American professional organizations, a status which is boasted by our transparent and ethical practices, and our compliance with national and international standards.


Common values shared
by our professionals and partners


The goal that drives us every day: providing you with the edge needed to make a positive difference.

Our responsibility extends beyond providing a service, we aim to offer you the best and successfully suitable solutions for your business.

We believe we can help you succeed, thus allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Partner of your growth.


A dynamic, committed, and professional team, dedicated to satisfying your requests within the shortest possible period.

A talented team in which we believe and invest, dedicated to the long term interests of our clients and to the development of Emeredge.

A multicultural team that adapts to its interlocutors and embraces its differences to foster an environment of energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency.

Partner of your team.


A human and ethical support, with tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs.

A pragmatic approach to our engagements, in which we always seek to do more with the tasks you entrust to us.

Working methods that we constantly optimize to adapt to new challenges in order to offer you a proficient service.

Partner of your day-to-day operations

Meet our accounting,
tax and advisory experts.

Meet our accounting,
tax and advisory experts.

Meet our leadership team

A trusted firm in Europe and the United States

Emeredge is among the members of many institutional and professional organizations, as a trusted advisor to French and European companies wishing to do business in the US market.

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