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Tax credits and incentives

Our tax experts help businesses benefit from tax credits and incentives that are available in the United States, at the federal and state levels, including:

  • Section 179 deduction and bonus depreciation
  • R&D tax credit
  • Cost segregation study

R&D tax credit

Most businesses usually think the R&D tax credit doesn’t apply to them. Along with our partners, we are able to show you how it does.

If you are improving or developing a product, creating software, involved in engineering, architecture, scientific or technical services, you may qualify for the federal credit. 

Entities of all sizes – particularly in the healthcare, technology, manufacturing and construction industries – may qualify. Along with our partners, we can analyze your operations to determine if you are eligible and help you claim research credits.

Cost segregation

Maximize your return on your real estate investments.

We partner with real estate and construction industry experts to help you generate cash flow savings by conducting a cost segregation study.

Real estate represents a large capital investment. Through cost segregation, we can maximize your real property’s financial return by carving out shorter-lived assets (qualifying for five, seven or 15 year write-off periods) that are normally embedded in a building’s construction or acquisition costs and thus generally depreciated over 39 years.

Reclassifying your assets is generally most effective for property valued at $1 million or more. For every million dollars you reclassify, the present value of your increased cash flow from income tax savings approximates $230,000.