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Natasha Jordan

Advisory and Outsourcing Services


Natasha spent her early professional years garnering experience in Banking, Finance and Management, working for multinationals and conglomerates. During this period, she acquired a wide range of skills as she progressed through the Finance industry. The efficient execution of her roles requires a high standard and a clearly structured and organized approach- qualities of which Natasha can be proud.

Natasha then obtained qualifications in Accounting and began a professional transition into this field where she continued her professional growth. Natasha has international experience, having held positions in South America, Europe and more recently in the United States. Her qualities, experience and commitment, along with her strong values and her interpersonal skills are appreciated by our customers and make her a pillar of our team.

Outside of Accounting, Natasha enjoys culinary arts, and writing poetry and short stories - a passion she hopes to entertain more often.

  • CPE: forms, sales tax. 15 hours per year
  • English